Newgale Weather and Surf Report

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Newgale Weather and Surf Report. The Big Blue Weather Page has all the information you need for assessing the wind and waves at Newgale for all types of watersports. Newgale faces WSW so for Surfing it is best to have no wind or light to moderate N, NE, E and SE Winds. Surfing and swimming at Newgale 1hr either side of most high tides can be dangerous as the waves break straight on to the shingle bank. The waves at low tide are also not the best as they can be heavy shore dumping waves. For Kitesurfing, Newgale works best in S, SW, W and NW winds. N are slightly offshore and gusty and not for the inexperienced. NE, E, and SE are offshore and not safe for kitesurfing unless supervised by the boat. There is no space for launching and landing kites 2hrs either side of high tide. For beach based kiting you should not fly kites 3hrs either side of high tide to ensure plenty of space. Be courteous to all beach users and allow plenty of beach space for your activity. Do Not Kitesurf through the Lifeguard bathing areas marked by red and yellow flags.

Useful Links for real time wind, wave and weather information:
Real Time Data from St Anns Head
Cefas Wave Net Data Bouys
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Tide Times & Heights for Milford Haven on
24th May 2024
01:26 - Low Tide ( 1.23m )
07:27 - High Tide ( 6.51m )
13:44 - Low Tide ( 1.24m )
19:45 - High Tide ( 6.64m )

Add 30 minutes to the Milford Haven tide times for the correct times at Newgale