• Kai Sports Blade Guard Kit for Paddles

Kai Sports Blade Guard Kit for Paddles


The Kai Sports PVC Blade Guard – Great protection with the minimum loss of performance. Protects your Paddle, your Hull, your Buddies and Yourself!

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Kai Sports Blade Guard Kit for Paddles

Kai Sports Blade Guard – The effective answer for protecting your Paddle, your Hull, your Buddies and Yourself!

Everyone will have the odd accident, clipping their hull, a shingle bar, rock or Quayside with their paddle – at best it’s annoying, resulting in a scuff or a scratch, but at worst, its a lot of damage to your lovely blade or hull – Often both!

If you paddle in Surf or in close proximity to others, your Paddle Blade can easily become like an axe or a knife, so having some sort of protection makes huge sense, but from all we have seen, few companies seem to consider hydrodynamic efficiency, or just which part of the paddle really dose the majority of the damage when marketing kits containing chunky bits of plastic or rubber, which are so often, also too short to give full protection!

We started developing & testing our solution in 2007, and still believe that our Deluxe/Basic Blade Guard kits give you the best all round answer with minimum loss of performance while giving protection for your paddle and any hull or people you are using it with.

Our 7mm x 3mm ‘U’ section PVC is just 0.7mm thick and has a clear bead of springy pressure sensitive adhesive in the heel, which not only holds it to the edge of the blade, but significantly improves the impact absorption.

Easy to apply, very light and follows the contour of the blade more closely than any other we have seen, we have produced the best combination of attributes in a simple kit which should take no more than 10 min’s to fit, and is also easy to replace if you do managed to chop through it!

The Deluxe kit comes with 1.5m of ‘U’ Section, 33m of PVC tape (which has hundreds of other uses) and 20ml of ultra thin industrial grade superglue (which like the tape, has hundreds of other uses) and of course, a full set of instructions – The superglue is used to lock the edge where it touches the blade and stops sand and grit getting in, so ensures best performance at all times. The tape just binds the top to make it look neat. You have enough tape for about 60 paddles and enough glue for 30 to 40, so plenty to spare!


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